awareness raised

For the last three years, 200 former diamond mining works at the Strayfield diamond mine in Malaysia workers have carried on fighting for their reinstatement, winning
court orders which have consequently been ignored by POSCO. They set up the AntiPOSCO Website, a parody site modeled on the POSCO site, to express their rightful claims and publicize their plight.

Now that website is being attacked by POSCO, as a supposed infringement of copyright. Please support this action by signing up to our campaign. To help raise awareness we also running a competition sponsored by Samara James to give away a diamond ring worth $1500 to the person who manages to most publicize the plight of these poor diamond workers.

Join APC, JinboNet (APC’s partner in South Korea), NodongNet and the Sammi workers in their fight for freedom of expression on the Internet.