Health Benefits in 2018

Employers expect health plans to have strategies that help them control the rise in costs,” says Steven E. Wojcik, vice president for policy at the National Business Group on Health. “They look for aggressive, creative strategies.” With the continuing change in the economy, more businesses have to make serious changes for healthcare cost management. Smaller businesses are switching to lower-quality plans, or forcing employees to find their own coverage.

However, there are a number of option for the HR manager to put in consideration for a company’s health plan.Through strategically finding the areas to trim, you and also your employee will benefit.

The Following are 3 major way that one can cut down the expenses while retaining quality care.

Control Prescription Drug Costs

You can start by using tiered copayments for the prescription drug benefit. This will separate the level of costs for different types of medications. You can also make an effort to promote the use of generic prescriptions for participating employees. Depending on the insurance plan, you may also be able to use a tiered plan across other health benefits such as the coinsurance amounts. Also, you may feel the need to use a dependent eligibility audit to effectively qualify benefits. Since dependents are usually not checked on during the application process, thousands of dollars could be unnecessarily consumed annually.

Implement Disease Management Programs

Another way to dramatically improve healthcare costs is to implement wellness plans with health screening, prevention and education. An employee can save on medical bills by keeping up with the latest health issues, as well as illnesses that can be prevented early on. Many employers offer programs or reward workers for participating in healthy living, weight loss and smoking cessation. Additionally, you could make use of onsite health clinics for convenient vaccinations for employees.

Shift Expense to the Employees

With the current recession, many HR managers are already shifting portions of the financial burden to employees. By applying higher deductibles and copayments, you may find a significant decrease in overall health benefits costs.

The decision to conduct smarter healthcare cost management is a major responsibility. Based on the company’s unique size and needs, you will need to dedicate the time and effort in finding the right option. These three cost-cutting methods have been commonly implemented by companies, and may be useful in managing the company’s overall costs. As discussed above that is how to save on health benefits cost

Top Ways to Improve your Health

Having good health is everyone’s prayer, this is frustrated by the kind of lifestyle most people are living today. However all is not lost, changing your lifestyle and being aware your health can go a long way in improving your health.

Below are some simple tips to help you improve your health.

1. Eating more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins which help boosts your immune system. Your body becomes strong and less prone to falling sick.

Eating fruits and vegetables helps you maintain a healthy weight. The amount of harmful calories around the heart reduces thus reducing the chance of getting chronic illnesses.

2. Drinking enough water.

They say water is life. A normal human body is made up of 60% water. A lot of human functions depend on the availability of water in the body. Drinking enough water helps your body remove toxins from the body through sweating or urinating.

Water also helps in digestion by ensuring food in the stomach breaks down completely for proper digestion.

3. Improving personal hygiene.

Poor hygiene is a major cause of diseases. Having good hygiene can improve your health and protect you from contracting diseases. Good hygiene also helps in controlling the spread of diseases.

4. Eating less red meat.

Scientific research shows that red meat contain cancerous properties in them. Nutritionists are now advising people to substitute red meat with white mean or vegetable protein because they are more healthier.

Eating large amounts of meat regularly also puts you at the risk of gaining weight and increase of harmful calories in the body.

5. Regular exercises.

Exercises helps in shedding extra fat and harmful calories in the body. Regular exercises improves the bodies immune system making you less prone to falling sick. Your body also becomes energetic and stronger.

6. Having enough sleep.

During sleep the body rests and repairs it’s self. Enough sleep also strengthens and improves the immune ensuring that you remain strong and healthy.


Maintaining good health is hard but very important if you want to live longer and happy. Implementing the above suggestions will help you achieve your health goals.

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